Change Out Program

Fairbanks North Star Borough (FNSB) area residents can make a clean-air choice and save money! The Air Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) is offering a reimbursement incentive for replacing, removing or repairing SOLID fuel burning appliances (SFBAs) (i.e. wood or coal stoves; wood- or coal-fired furnaces; wood- or coal-fired hydronic heaters; fireplace inserts) or upgrading fireplaces.

The Borough’s Air Quality Division is now accepting applications for the wood stove change out program. Completed forms (only pages 5-7 are required) can be mailed to or brought to the Air Quality Office at 3175 Peger Road, Fairbanks, AK  99709.

Click here to download the application packet

Please note: Applications will be given priority scores and the highest scoring applications will receive funding first. Funding is limited and is NOT guaranteed unless a written authorization has been issued.

Air Quality Improvement Program (Wood Stove Change-Out) FAQs:

    1. I applied to the old program before it ended and was placed “on-hold.” Do I have to re-apply?


      • Yes. The new program is significantly different from the old program, and the new application form has different terms listed on the back of it. This means that you must fill out a new application, and we will need the original signature of all property owners on the new application form. Only one of the owners should sign the W-9.


    1. What’s different about the new program?


      • Here are some of the key differences:


        - All property owners must sign the application.


      - Currently, only properties within the Borough’s nonattainment area are eligible for the programs.


    1. I already have preverification photos on-file in your office from a previous application. Do I need to make another preverification appointment?


      • No. If you are applying for the same device that you previously applied for, and it is installed in the same place, we can use the preverification photos that we have on file. Please let our staff know about this when you are contacted for an appointment.


    1. Can I replace my hydronic heater with a more efficient hydronic heater?


      • No, unless it is a pellet fuel burning hydronic heater.


    1. Does my old device have to be destroyed?


      • If participating in the replacement or removal program, yes. In order to ensure that the old devices turned in as part of these programs are never again used in our area, they must be destroyed.


    1. What happens to the old devices?


      • The devices being replaced must be delivered to the Borough Air Quality office. They are later taken to a recycling facility, where a Borough staff member witnesses the initial part of the destruction process.


    1. Are businesses and rental properties eligible for the program?


      • Yes. All properties in the Fairbanks North Star Borough’s nonattainment area are eligible for the change-out programs. /li>


    1. I rent my house. Can I, as the tenant, apply?


      • No. Only the legal property owners can apply for the programs. Applications must be signed by all of the legal property owners.


    1. Can I submit my application by fax or e-mail?


      • No. We need to have the original signatures of the property owners on the application, so all applications will need to be either mailed or brought in person to our office at: 3175 Peger Road, Fairbanks, AK 99709.


    1. Do you recommend a particular device?


      • No. We do not recommend or promote any particular device or dealer. Different buildings and lifestyles require different types of devices. We recommend checking with local dealers and on-line to determine which device best suits your needs.


    1. Where can I buy an EPA certified wood stove or EPA certified pellet stove?


      • There are many places people can by wood and pellet stoves. You can check the yellow pages of the telephone directory or on-line to find local dealers. We also have a list of all known dealers of wood and pellet stoves available in our office.