Land Use Agreement: Seasonal

Goldpanners Midnight Sun BaseballWhile there is no official designation for the seasonal use of Borough owned property, if your intended use is for a period of less than 6 continuous months of each year, a Use Agreement may be your best choice.

  • Use Agreements are granted for a maximum of 6 continuous months of each year.
  • Use Agreements can be for private or commercial purposes (excluding mobile concessions).  
  • Use Agreements may grant exclusive or nonexclusive use. 
  • Use Agreements are revocable without cause and shall not allow for the construction of permanent improvements, such as a cabin or road. 

Use Agreements allow for renewal pursuant to a schedule or other specified terms in the agreement. Use Agreements must be renewed each year.  Costs associated with User Agreements can be found in the current Fee Schedule.

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Land Use Agreement Application

Mail it to:

FNSB-Division Natural Resources Development

P.O. Box 71267
Fairbanks, AK 99707-1267 


Email your application to (Credit card phone payments are accepted)