Capital-Improvement Policy

In general, work to maintain a road in its current condition or to restore a road to its previous condition is not a capital improvement and does not require assembly appropriation of funds.

Appropriation may be required for the following cases, which may or may not involve maintaining a road in its current condition or restoring a road to its previous condition.

  • Funding is from a grant or a service area match is required for a grant.
  • The work will span fiscal years (for example, work will be done in June and July).
  • The road is being changed - engineering is required, permitting may be required.
    • Road width
    • Road alignment (vertical, horizontal)
    • Major drainage changes (ditches, culverts)
    • Traffic calming devices (round-a-bouts, humps, etc)
    • New surface type (gravel to pavement/AST)
    • New road construction