How It Works

CIP Process 2023_draft


Projects are nominated by the community at large. Projects must fall under the Fairbanks North Star Borough's authority and be selected by a Borough resident. For FY25, nominations were accepted from August 21, 2023, to October 1, 2023.

Evaluations & Resolution

Once the nomination process has been closed, the administration will sort all projects for duplication and feasibility. A proposed list of project scopes will then be presented to the Assembly for public hearing, review, and adoption. (All nomination packets received will be provided to the Assembly.)

Here is the Tentative Timeline:

Tentative FY25 CIP Dates_updated graphic


Once the Assembly approves the projects, a technical scoring team will score and rank them. Nomination packets will be used to help the technical team achieve the tasks. Scoring will analyze the current conditions of a facility and future use and support the administration prioritizing projects.

Project Placement & Plan Adoption

While the scoring process will be used to prioritize projects, it will be up to the administration to appropriately place them into the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) to ensure funding is available and to weigh the community's overall needs. The completed CIP will be presented to the Assembly for public hearing, review, and adoption.

Biennial Update

The CIP submission period will be re-opened every two years using the nomination process. During the update, projects can be re-prioritized, added, or removed.

Completed Projects

When projects are completed, they are removed from the CIP.