Barking Complaint

People living in the Fairbanks North Star Borough should expect to live with some level of noise.  Traffic, children playing, recreational vehicles, and barking dogs are just a few examples. However, when the noise caused by a pet becomes excessive, there are several things that you can do.  

Communicate with the pet owner.

Try to talk with the pet owner about the problem.  Sometimes owners are not aware their animal is making noise. A friendly neighborly discussion can be helpful. Try to work out a mutually agreeable solution together and allow the owner some time to remedy the solution.  Document the dates and times you spoke with the owner and note the responses received

Send out our helpful nuisance noise prevention materials to the owner.

If communicating with the owner wasn't successful and/or you weren't comfortable talking with them, you can print out our Barking Pamphlet and our Noise Nuisance Letter and share these with with the pet owner.  They are designed to offer suggestions to correct the issue and understand the problem. 

Document and submit a Noise Complaint Petition

If you have been unsuccessful in solving the problem in a neighborly manner, we may be able to assist you.  Download our Online Noise Complaint Form and be sure to follow the instructions.  Be aware that you may have to testify in court and you must agree to do so.  The form must be filled out completely and must be signed, we cannot accept anonymous complaints. It's helpful if you can find other neighbors who are bothered by the noise too. They need to be willing to file a signed complaint and be willing to appear in court .  

Contact Animal Control Dispatch at 907-459-1493.  An Animal Control Officer will be happy to help you with the process.

Email forms to 

Animal Control will seek to contact the owner to discuss the complaint and seek resolution. 

If the noise continues 

Do not stop documenting the noise issues.  Contact Animal Control with updated information and documentation.  We don't know the noise is continuing if we aren't hearing from you.  It takes time and effort to document noise complaints. We will continue to continue to work to solve the issue as long as we are receiving well documented information. 

Animal Control is charged with the responsibility of enforcing Title 22 with the following sections of Code.

Definition:" Public nuisance" means any animal that menaces or chases passersby or passing vehicles, attacks other animals, is repeatedly at large, trespasses on school grounds or other public or private property, damages public or private property, or that barks, whines, howls or makes other loud noises excessively or continuously and substantially interferes with the use and enjoyment of property.  

22.28.030 (B)  No person shall fail to exercise proper care and control of their animal to prevent it from becoming a public nuisance.

22.20.070 Minor Offense Fine Schedule  22.28.030 (B)

Failure to exercise proper care and control of animal to prevent public nuisance.

  • 1st offense is a 100.00 fine. 
  • 2nd offence is a 200.00 fine.
  • 3rd or subsequent offense within a five-year period may result in a 300.00 fine.