Licenses to Use and Access Across Borough Owned Land

The Division of Natural Resources Development will issue various types of temporary licenses for use of Borough-owned land, as well as access across Borough-owned land. Which license you need to acquire will depend on your type of use and the period of time needed. Not all uses will need a license. Uses such as Easements, Leases, Use Agreements and even Casual Use are explained on their respective pages. If you don't see a license that describes your need below, please feel free to call our office (907-459-1241) and we may assist you. 

The costs associated and required for licensed use of Borough land can be found on the current fiscal year's fee schedule. Costs are stablished by the Mayor and approved by the Borough Assembly. The Mayor may waive the fee for a public agency. All licensed use of public land is subject to regular inspections without notice by Borough employees. Licenses do not convey an interest in the land being used. 

Below are descriptions of the different land-use licenses issued by Fairbanks North Star Borough. Where available, license applications are linked to each sub-title in printable (PDF) form. Please call our office (907-459-1241) if you are having trouble viewing or printing the application. 

Temporary Use License

Johnson Rd, Salcha 1A Temporary Use License allows for exclusive use of a specified portion of Borough owned land, is nontransferable and is valid for a period no greater than five (5) years from the date of issue. These licenses are required when the type of use does not fall into the Casual Use category. Examples may be well monitoring, utility installation, road repair, equipment staging, or special events.  

Temporary Access License 

A Temporary Access License is non-exclusive, and is required when access across Borough-owned land (not use of Borough-owned land) is necessary.  A Temporary Access License is transferable subject to the written approval of the Mayor, and valid for a period no greater than five (5) years from the date of issue. Examples may be construction, resource extraction, or other temporary activities on adjoining land. 

Material Extraction-woodcutting, and Material Extraction-sand and gravel Licenses

Wood AreaExtraction Licenses are designed to allow for affordable personal-use of Borough natural resources. These are NOT for commercial extractions. There are two types of Material Extraction Licenses: "woodcutting" licenses and "gravel or sand" extraction license. 

The mayor may grant a Material Extraction License that allows a person to extract a maximum of 2,000 cubic yards of borough sand or gravel per year, or a maximum of 10,000 board feet of borough greenwood timber per year, or a maximum of 20 cords of dead and down firewood per year. Material extracted under this license must be for personal use only, can not be sold, bartered or traded and must be consumed or used by the individual holding the license. 

Commercial Sale of Borough Natural Resources

The Assembly may by resolution authorize the commercial sale of Borough sand, gravel, or greenwood timber resources. A commercial sale means a sale that would not qualify for an extraction license. Please complete a Land Nomination Application, if you are interested in nominating a parcel for commercial harvesting. The Division of Natural Resources Development is currently working on the designation of new commercial areas. Please check back soon. 

Mining Use License 

Chena River Tract H (30) (1)The Mayor may grant to a mining claim owner or operator a Mining Use License for mining on borough land where surface disturbance will be greater than "casual use" as defined by FNSB Code: 20.16.060.

A mining use license is nonexclusive and is valid for a period no greater than five years from the date of issue. Mining use licenses are transferable with prior approval in writing from the Mayor. With the exception of reimbursement for valuable surface resources such as timber cut for access, etc., the mayor shall accept reclamation as payment for damages, as required by Alaska Statutes 38.05, on undeveloped borough land which has not been leased or sold. The applicant must submit an annual plan of operations and summary of previous work done on Borough land during the term of the license, and may also be required to post a bond.

For a mining use license to be issued by the Borough, the applicant must first have a State issued Claim. Visit the State of Alaska's Department of Natural Resources Mining website for information on obtaining a mining claim.